Thank God my parents are normal folks with normal looks.

I’m finished re-watching BEST LOVE episode 6 with Eng subs from ViKi. *SATISFACTION*

Ok 4 more days to await episode 7 to air in S.Korea is excruciatingly painful.

Anyways, was randomly stalking googling CHA SEUNG WON and i came across photos of his SON:

(well, if you ask me…the kid does look bitter.)

Omona…what a shame - CSW’s son does not look like him at all. I think the kid looked more like his mum. Oh the sadness of it all…TSK.

How can CHA SEUNG WON bears a son that does not resemble him? *overactive fangirl mind creating a new drama plot here, lol*

Can you imagine a 20 yr old guy having a FORTY YEAR OLD STUD AS A FATHER? The kid was probably bitter whilst growing up. I bet all the chicks he tried to score with would only be interested to get near his dad. Well, at least more than half the time.

I mean, not trying to sound rood towards the son but dang! Your father is the hottest DILF to ever grace S.Korea’s tv screen! You have a 40 yr old father that does not look like his age, sports the coolest hairstyle, has 6-pec abs, dresses fashionably and is a celebrity - who spends half his career acting and snogging hot S.Korean actresses almost half his age! I wished i was his nextdoor neighbour lol. DAYUM.

I wonder how Cha Seung Won’s daughter looks like - Rachel - that tattoo on his arm. HMMMM

EDIT: Sometimes i wished CSW was gay irl. But then again, I LOVE the fatherly side of him. So smexy… *drools* He’s so family oriented and such a committed guy. Getting married in his late teen and having a son at age 20? THAT IS ADMIRABLE. *FACEPALM*

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